January 7, 2012

Trifecta, Week 8 - Cutting

This is my response to Trifecta's Writing Challenge, and I do believe I am going to get it in on time. Yay me.

UPDATE: My friend over at Chicago Chronicles has posted a late non-entry, like I did last week. I'm pretty sure it's my mistake as I am incredibly timezone incapable, ask all of those I have telephoned at all hours but wakeful ones from the various timezones I have occupied over my lifetime. I think her response to the third definition of the word cutting (see below) is both yummy and brilliant so if you come and read mine, you've gotta go read hers too. I can't wait to see more of hers too ...


Innocence Lost

“Sliiiiiick.” Weird how the length of a single vowel conveys the precise meaning of a rebuke. As usual, Cesare was ready with his cutting review.

It was a rare occasion for me to try an item of clothing not inline with his image of me: Micro minis, crop tops and dangerously-spiked go-go boots in a multitude of day-glow colours were all I had in my cavernous closets.

In this case it was a long dress in a pink so pale you could barely tell the cloth wasn’t white. The matching silk stitching and embroidery was intricate yet understated, and barely noticeable on the fabric.

Just once? When I go home to my family? I would like for them to think of me as the sweet girl that left them some six years previous and not the sex bombe I present professionally.

But having a talent-manager-slash-lover pretty much ensures that I am but a fading memory. Instead, the me that you see is a finely controlled figment of my lover’s imagination, and a completely bankable commodity.


This week we are using the third definition for cutting, as found in Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary.

3: inclined or likely to wound the feelings of others especially because of a ruthless incisiveness (a cutting remark)


  1. The length of a vowel conveying the precise meaning. I wish I had written that.

  2. I'm with LucidLotus there. That's great. I like the "completely bankable commodity", too.

  3. Loved this! I want to read more!

  4. So edgy and awesome. I love it.

  5. Thanks for contributing to Week 8. I really enjoyed this one and I'm with LucidLotus, I loved the line about the length of the vowel; I found myself reading that bit out loud. Looking forward to next week.

  6. Thanks for the comments, guys! Funny, I am so not used to writing fiction, I forgot I wrote this already! Hmmm, I think that's maybe weird.

    Anyway, it was pretty fun ... now I have to figure out one for weep. Meanwhile, if you haven't gone yet, you really much check out Amelia's ... http://searchingforamelioration.blogspot.com/2012/01/this-is-why-i-weep.html. Seriously, it slayed me.