January 12, 2012

Friday Fluff

My friend over at Seeking Elevation is once again up to her Friday trick of answering quiz questions written by sad and lonely teens. We all have to do our part. You can find the quiz at Quizopolis.com

Are you an early riser?
I was till kids turned my life upside-down. Who's idea were they, anyway?

Do you shower before or after work?
Hrms. I am a stay-at-home mom. I don't work. "Work" is easy compared to this gig. You get coffee breaks, talk to adults, get to think and breathe.

I'm pretty sure for most moms (working or non) this here is a trick question.

Wait. What did you ask again?

Do you have a gym mebership?
nope. Three bikes and no car and kids with activities galore. Groceries to buy, libraries to visit, errands to run, cards to mail. I think you get the picture. A gym is a complete and thorough waste of a limited resource: time. And, um, do you have a cold?

Do you go to the gym everyday?
See above. Plus? I hate the gym. Too many creepy people doing unproductive things. Get outside!

Do you take unscheduled breaks at work?
If you count toilet breaks as unscheduled, then yes.

Are you tired during the day?
Are you trying to convince me to go to a gym? Because it isn't working.

Do you stop at a grocery store every day?
No. I avoid them as much as possible, so maybe once a week. I stop at markets when I can.

At week ends you stay home all day in your pajamas watching tv?
A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ahh ehhhhh ...

You have a few drinks in the evening?
I wish I did tonight. It would make this easier.

If you are retired, are you online most of the day?
I am not retired but I am online all day. It makes the rest of my existence possible.

Do you cook?
Part of the current gig.

Do you eat out most of the time?

Do you spend lots of time on the phone?
No. I only have a land line, and it never rings. I think people are land line phobic.

If at work, do you chat online on company's time or texting?
I. Would. Never. get away with this. My small tyrannical bosses were taught the word "hypocrite" as soon as they could say mama.

On a second read-through I am newly curious. Are you making this quiz on your own time or company time?

If there's a party on Sunday night and you have to work in the morning, do you party anyways?
Yep. Because really, it makes the job much easier, especially if one gets good and stinkin' drunk, because then nobody wants to come near.

Do you take a day off from work just so you can go shopping or fishing?
No and no. Sleep is a different story. I'll take it any way I can get it.

Do you feel great when you get up in the morning?
Um ... only on days when I can make my husband get up with the damned kids.

Do you feel like your daily duties are more like KP duty?

Do you go to bed before midnight?
Now you are just mocking me.

Do you take an afternoon nap?
If nobody jumps on my head.

This particular quiz (I found it to be more of a scary university survey) was brought to you and me by Bill Greek. Thanks Bill. Now I am a bit wierded out about how little I prefer the gym. Actually, I'd kind of forgotten how much I detest it.


  1. I abhor the gym. I feel like a hamster. It's terrible. I just look around and judge people. I think, "If humanity were a lot different, you wouldn't need to be here. You'd be tilling the earth or some shit."

  2. You are kind of an enigma wrapped in a riddle full of awesomesauce. Who has no cell phone or car, but still manages to fully immerse themselves in an online life? You're like the modern frontier woman. It's pretty freaking cool.

  3. dude, thank you for the fluffs! i luff you!

  4. I'm with LucidLotus. I would not be able to function without my cell phone or car. Guilty as charged. And oh I don't like the days when somebody jumps on my head. Usually, he does it with a gleeful laugh, too.

    1. darned those gleeful laughers. mine starts with a rawr as he throws open the door to the darkened water closet toilet. (it's a rule. I am not afraid of pee, just a restless cuddler who hasn't yet.)

  5. Oh nooooooo....I am one of those "gym" people. Now I am going to have to get a T-Shirt made that says "I am not one of those "really weird" people at the gym", in black, of course...and of course I will wear it to the gym where it might be better understood. Who knows, maybe some of the other gym-goers will come out of the "normal" closet with me. With that said, I also get out into the great outdoors for exercise. Variety is the spice of life!! But I do hear you, it is very weird if you are at the gym, every day, same time, same routine...yada yada yada. I love your blog, Karen...and the fact I have taken a break from Facebook, means I don't have to lose touch with your awesome sense of humour. Too bad the Facebookies did not have access to your incredible writing talents, en masse!!! Yeah, this is too good for FB anyways!! xo

    1. Oh Cheryl. One day I may mix the two, but for now I am happier not having too broad of an audience. Thanks for taking time out from FB to visit.

      Honestly, I would love it if you had a blog. I think you would rock this Friday Fluff stuff that I have been doing to participate in something a group of friends are doing. I'm not so good at that, so the "exercise" of being good-humoured and good to go is good for me. Are we good?! Thanks for visiting!

    2. Well, if I could find more time I would love to stuff some Friday Fluff with you...ummmm...never mind! On another funny note, I did fly off of my exercise ball, at home, and cracked my knee last night. Thank goodness we sit down to type at our PC's...Love ya and glad I could connect here with you. I'll get back to FB eventually, but being away from it is good too...still love this blog, though. Thank God, I can't turn it off. It's all in YOUR hands where it is, obviously, meant to be!!! Big Blessings, friend!

    3. Oh yes. Now I see I don't see you on The FB. I'll miss your silly fun. Well. You know where I am.