January 24, 2011

Medical System FAIL

The other day, I wrote something about my mom, her terminal illness and our family dynamics.  I asked one of my sisters to read it.  She didn't feel good about this record of our mother being on the Internet so,  out of respect for her feelings and a reservation on my own part to be "exposing" my mom, anonymously or not, I have taken the post down.


I could write chapters and chapters and chapters on the horrors of the western medical model based on economic theory and not people and wellness, both mental and physical ... on the bizarre concept of expelling a patient (now: client), just saved from the brink of death without so much as a social worker's visit, even though family begs it.  How does that, and the ensuing extreme-measures interventions at re-hospitalisations ... how does the government (in Canada that's who funds the medical system) figures that this system is saving us money?!

Sorry, this is most definitely a semi-coherent rant but ... !!!!!