January 5, 2012

Friday Fluff

Here are my responses to the Awesome Random Stuff survey that is sweeping the planet of blogospheric units with glee ... remember how I'm "letting go"? This might prove to be my undoing. Play along and link up at Seeking Elevation, the original Friday Fluff Floofie who's taking us all down with her. Downtown, that is ...

Do you like pandas?

Only when I can transfer all of my sadness upon them. Otherwise they are merely olden day koala.

How many puzzles have you done in your whole life?

It depends. Do you mean of the mind game persuasion, does this include Rubik's Cube, or are you merely talking about the cardboard ones? My husband and I once received a puzzle from friends while we were overseas. They did the puzzle together, wrote us a letter on it, took it apart and sent it to us for Christmas. it was tricky turning it over to read the letter, we lost a piece of the puzzle and they are now divorced. I used to wonder if that missing piece somehow contributed to the failure of their marriage, but then I remembered what an asshat that guy had always been, even before he met her.

Where would you rather live: Africa or India?

Africa. Probably because the last book I read was partially set there.

How many asian friends do you have?
Um ...

Do you miss someone who you cannot see? Who?

Dude. I think we all miss people we cannot see. I once housed my grandfather in my CPU (my first email address was gramps@netvigator.com, wonder who has THAT baby now?) shortly after he died. I think that helped me picture him seeing into what I trouble I was getting myself.

How many text messages are in your inbox?

I don't have a cel phone so ... none?

How many of the opposite gender did you talk to today?
How many what? Assholes? Children? Units? Be specific.

Who was the last person that poked you?
Suzanne. And so it sits.

Who was the last person that you took a picture with?
I'm the taker, so I don't remember. Probably my children, it is not as easy to dodge the lens when they are around.

Do you like gloomy bear?
I like sad panda myself. I've never met gloomy bear. But I like broody animals so I'm sure we'd come to some understanding.

What's your opinion about
What's my opinion about? What's my opinion about? What's your opinion about?

How often do you eat instant noodles?
I. Would. Rather Die.

Who is your most hated teacher?
I'm doing the best I can these days to not hate. That said, I'm pretty disappointed in the craptitude of some of the teachers I've come across this past year, but I think that it was the environment they were stuck in more than their individual abilities. It appeared few of them actually wanted to teach ...

Would you be willing to say a poem in the Talen Show?
Nope. I don't have any Talen.

What's up?

What's your favorite flavor of jello?
Orange. Mmmmmm. Ground up horses' hooves. I always felt bad that I am not an organs eater so that we waste less of the animals we kill for foods.

Do you prefer Twitter or Facebook?
Neither, but I use FB and I don't use Twitter. FB came first, and I've had little time since.

Who's your best friend today?
Cliche, I know, but today I'm saying my husband.

How many people are you talking to on Instant Messenger?
I'm "unavailable". I lose too much time when that board lights up.

Do you eat beef?
If it has eaten a natural diet, of course. Grass-fed, baby!

Apple or Microsoft?
Apple. Unless I'm doing a job that requires Microsoft, then Microsoft. But at my house? Even my PC-centric guy taken a byte of The Apple.

Do you think Nike is expensive?
Haz not a clue. Am bored by stupid logos that make people look like drones. If they want to use me or my adorable children to advertise their products, they'd better be willing to pay us a premium. A really fat premium.

Is your sibling fat?

What's your favorite number?
I am suspicious of people who have favourite non-living, non-tangible things. I mean, really, what's it going to do for you? But if I did have a favourite number, it would be seven. For reasons provided here.

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  1. Your answer to the puzzle question cracked me up. So funny.

  2. Did you see how I worked HJ in there?!

  3. You win best answer for puzzles! Also, I'm a wee bit jealous of your no cell phone status. I miss the days when I wasn't available All. The. Time. I now carry two, personal and work. Sigh.

  4. I agree with Dawnie. But wouldn't it be interesting if we had that kind of power? To be able to break up a marriage because we lost the puzzle piece to the letter they wrote us?

  5. I. Would. Rather Die. How is that I can hear you saying this when I've never heard you saying anything. And it made me freaking giggle.
    And I love the subtle handjob reference. That's class, baby.

  6. oh ha ha. You guys are just being nice ... ;-)