March 2, 2012

Friday Fluff

I think it's Friday, which must mean I have to to fluff. Only this is not a fluffy survey, so hold on to your hats and wade into the fray.

Join in the debate if you dare, and link up over at Seeking Elevation, but be warned: This one ain't called Controversial Issues Survey for nuttin'. Eat_zombies has hit all the hot-topic buttons here:  

Do you think that gay marriage should be legal?
I do. (See what I did just there? Pretty good, eh?) (Crap, I'll be so depressed if everyone else does this joke too ...)

Do you think that gays should be allowed to serve in the military?
Do you think straight men should be allowed to dance to Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Relax?

What do you think about people who don't believe in god?
I think one can live with a full set of morals without believing in gods. I have known plenty of people who have next to no morals who do believe in a god (or goddess). So ...

Are you pro life or pro choice?
I am for life with choices.

Do you think we should test on animals?
This is a tough question. I really don't have any answers for you.

How do you feel about illegal immigration?
I think we should find a way to live better without borders.

Now, I know you are going to go all Oh, how naive you are on me, but I believe there has to be a better way to organise people than the way we have gone about it do date. I believe the west coast First Nations people were doing A-Okay without our "borders" before we came along. You know, just for example.

I mean, I know plenty of people IN my country who are extremely unethical, immoral folk who want everything for themselves. I would prefer to replace them with righteous illegal immigrants  who were born in countries that lack freedom and basic human rights. So long as the new arrivals are willing to work toward true balanced freedom for all (including the single-money-minded), to foster healthy communities and to live according to a basic universal moral code then I am all for the movement of people toward utopia.

Do you think it is ethical to do stem cell research?
Wow. This survey is really hitting the biggies, eh?

I am not offended by stem cell research. However, I think we should put more focus on that which makes our people ill. That way we wouldn't need to have this crazy addiction to science experiments that cost an insane bundle, cause people to go into moral conniptions, and will likely make the same few people hideous amounts of money. And the cycle continues.

Should we get rid of the death penalty?
I do not believe your death penalty accomplishes much except to create more grief. And your country has sent enough innocent people to the chambers to facilitate an easy argument against the death penalty. Let's face it, taking a random life merely to avenge another doesn't really accomplish justice.

And no, I don't even think one should execute the most heinous of people. #slipperyslope.

Is torture ever acceptable?

It is performed by bullies who want what they want, when they want it. I believe there is irrefutable proof that torture does not beget reliable information anyway, so it seems pretty pointless to me. Sometimes people will agree to just about anything to get people to stop. fucking. hurting. them. I'm just saying.

Should the government have a say on our diets?
Yes. The government could start by not protecting Monsanto and others (never mind subsidizing them), so that we may have digestible foods again that can re-seed themselves and don't poison us.

Should the alcoholic drinking age be increased or decreased?
You mean the age that one is allowed to become an alcoholic? Oh, increased. I have known plenty of alcoholics in the 12 to 15 year old set.

But if you mean the legal drinking age, I slowed my drinking right down when I hit legal age, so ... decreased. I mean, the kids will get away with anything they can anyway, so we might as well find a way to teach responsible consuming without arbitrary rules.

Should cigarette smoking be banned?
No way Jose. And I want to be as far from a smoker as I can possibly be.

Instead, we should stop allowing companies to make cigarettes with additives that make them more addictive.

As a panacea to the above intensity, I want to leave you all with this image from a recent UkeFriday post at BugginWord. Elly brings us nothing but peace, joy and full-on inspiration with her adventures in Ukeland. This, folks, is the real Rapture.


  1. I switched from pre-manufactured cigarettes to buying tobacco & filtered cigarette tubes; I smoke less becauseI get enough nicotine and no added crap. Also, utopia might be naive but I agree that all should have access to basic dignity and freedom myself. rock on, Karen!

    1. You're smart on your choice to fill your own, Cindy. I wonder about some of the tobacco being grown by First Nations people in the States ... is it less harmful?

      I grew up in a pretty smokey environ, and then I worked in one of the smokiest bars in the city. THEN I moved to Asia. >.< So by no choice of my own (headaches that would make a strongman fall over) I can't hang out near someone smoking anything. I miss the nicotine by proxy sometimes but it isn't worth the fallout.

  2. I think that might be the least fluffy survey ever, but it is always nice to know when people aren't small minded.

  3. This was def the least fluffy fluff. But yeah, I agree. :-)

  4. U2's Relax? You are aware this song was first released by "Frankie Goes To Hollywood"? U2 only covered it.
    Many have this tendency about animals, "Let he who throweth the first stone..." (Feral grin) Tell me, how do you enjoy your soya burgers?
    BTW what does exactly "fluff" mean in this case? My glance in the Urban dictionary made more references to prostitution than anything else.

    1. Oh, um ... Whoops! I'll amend that and, of course, what a cisgendered error to make, given the context. Thanks for the correction!

      I think we are using fluff in the colloquial ... as in just a little something something to prove we have slugged through another week. But sometimes we see who can fit the word blowjob into the text as a side competition so ... there may be something to your interpretation.

      Going to fix my error now ...