February 24, 2012

Friday Fluff from my Deathbed

Is it sad if Friday Fluff is my only post of the week, with the exception of a few cheap shots of my kids for a Wordless Wednesday? Probably. But reality is tragic sometimes ...

So the following comes from quizopolis.com's quiz o' the week, as lovingly selected this week by Joules over at LucidLotusLife and written by teen heartthrob, torpor97. If you choose to partake, feel free to link up at Seeking Elevation -- Lisa is Friday Fluff's venerable Fluffie Queen (FYI).

Do you think people are good
I try to convince myself of this all the time, but I remain a solid skeptic. Actually, I think many people today have mental issues and are totally out of whack. Especially people in any kind of "power". If that makes them do bad stuff well then ...

Do you like meeting people
I like meeting people. However, I do not necessarily enjoy having protracted conversations or relations with most of them.

Do you shake hands
I wring hands. Often.

Is a good handshake important
Nope. A sincere handshake is good though. Like I don't want a butch handshake from a beautiful fey boy unless it is his specialty, in the same way as I don't want a weak handshake from a woman who is definite about everything else. Authenticity. That's all I ask for in this world. WYSIWYG*.

Do you get along with the oposite sex
Most of my close friends are of the opposite sex, so I guess that's an affirmative. I get along with people who are themselves.

Do you like being around small children
I do, for the most part.

Small children are like puzzles. They have needs, and big people are expected to fill those needs by hook or by crook. But often the kid can't tell you their need because (a) they don't have enough vocabulary to sufficiently express their need and (b) they don't actually know what it might be. I can't think of two more frustrating roadblocks than these.

Often the need is neither evident nor forthcoming, and the child is likely demanding something other than what they do, in fact, need. Because of this, it takes a truly talented and patient big person to act as sleuth extraordinaire. I believe there exists some satisfaction in knowing you've hit the success spot and satisfied the child.

The other thing I really enjoy about being around small children is knowing that my needs cannot be met by them and operating with this knowledge in firm grip. On the days that I actually remember this important element, my enjoyment of the children in my world (mine or not) is infinite.

Do you like yourself 
I do, thank you. You?

Do you have a best friend
I have a few very close friends. I love each of them for who they are, and would be hard-pressed to pick one over another.

Do you think your a good friend
I believe I am not the easiest friend to have, but I am a pretty good one. I try very hard, love strongly, and step in shit all the time. I'm trying to not try so hard, though. It seems to put people on edge.

Do you listen to gossip
Only as it pertains to me. And then I try to get to the bottom of the truth if it needs sorting out. Otherwise I try very hard to leave it alone.

Do you think midgets are funny
I think some people are serious, others funny, many just plain boring. I would have to meet a little person and hang out with them to find out if I thought that person was funny.

Obviously I find this question plainly offensive, but I'm pretty sure you knew I would when you put it here. Like, ha ha, it's funny to annoy politically correct people. Can you tell? You've succeeded in your mission. I'm totally annoyed.

And on that note, labeling people politically correct is simply demeaning people who want to change the world and make it a little less horrid. People who accuse others of being politically correct rather than take risks to talk about the changes being made and why dare small-minded bullies. (Ahem. In my opinion.)

The thing is people that write crap like this will then say (in their best self-righteous/teasing tone) Jeez, develop their sense of humour. But you know what? Demeaning people is not funny. Actually, it is embarrassing and sad. (Please see my answer to your first question to stop my rant.)

Do you feel sorry for fat people
Do you feel sorry for idiots? Because I've now decided you are one.

Is it funny when someone falls
It is funny when someone falls if falling is a part of the act. I love Wipeout, for example. I think it is a scream. Otherwise after the last two moronic questions you asked I'm pretty sure you are aware of my stance on this one.

Do you like animals
Define like.

Do you help people alot
I am a helpful person. A lot of times, especially when I try too hard to help, I may be more of a hindrance.

Do you do random nice things for people
How can you go from the asswipe questions above to this? This is a great question.

As a child I was in Brownies and then in Girl Guides. I hated both with passion.

Except ... there was this book that was all about these little girls in brownies that did secret nice things for people. I loved it so much, the concept, and the idea that one could do nice things in secret when the spirit moved them. It became my M.O. for years. I would do something for a neighbour, like take their garbage cans up their driveway, or set the table before my family got up in the morning, or whatever.  There is nothing that can quite replicate that tee hee hee feeling that comes from doing something decent on the sly and knowing another person will feel good, yet mystified, as a result of my actions.

*WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get. One of my favourite acronym words in the universe. Use it in a sentence? Why sure. Karen is a take-her-or-leave-her kind of a peep -- WYSIWYG. You're welcome. In all ways.