February 29, 2012

In the company of greatness

I have this friend, I think I've mentioned her before.

She's a writer, one of those ones with the grit, determination, drive and talent the rest of us, even those of us who occasionally pull paid gigs, want to possess. (Actually, she inspires me to work harder, and smarter, on my own work. ThankyouLisa.) Some of you, whether on your own or launched from here, are familiar with her musings at Seeking Elevation. Maybe you've even joined her challenges at Trifecta.

One of Lisa's stories has been published for real, and it is her usual mix of dreamy metaphors and stark realities. (At least that's how I read 'em.) So ... Woot! to Lisa. Anyone who puts as much work into their craft as you to shape such yummy tales deserves a whole lotta love. And fan mail. Gobs of fan mail.

Find Lisa's story, Black, at Eclat Fiction, on page 27.

Congratulations again, Lisa. I'm thrilled to consider you my friend.

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