May 2, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. My kid is so excited to eat the garden food! Right there! With barely enough time for me to wipe it off! I'm excited too if you can't tell. :)

    1. This one time we were coming home from one of the local islands -- a weekend away. The entire day was ferry food (bad), food from a truck (bad) and finally some chinese food. None had a lick of green near it. I felt bad. I mean my girls were 2 and 3, and really could have used some veggies.

      So we got home at about 9 pm, the sun was not yet set (about 10 pm that time of year) and the kids noticed the bounty: green beans and peas on the plants we'd put in a couple of months previous. I didn't have the heart to move them inside to bed till they'd definitely had their fill.

      I'm pretty jealous of your men who'll plant shit. My guy has neither the interest, nor the time. I still haven't put anything thing in again, just like this time last year. Thankfully there are the self planters and self continuers.

      This was a plant I'd put into the garden around 7 years ago. We decided it was in a spot we wanted to be more flexible, so we moved it. It produced a few spears the year following, but then was quickly swallowed live by weeds that wouldn't just leave us alone. I despaired and forgot about it.

      Last year in the fall, when I was ripping out the detritus of what we had grown in the original area I'd planted the asparagus, I took a closer look at these weird dried things that I'd assumed were the result of an errant fennel seed. Nope. They were asparagus gone to seed. This year I get this.

      So I guess that asparagus don't look kindly on being moved when they preferred the original location.

      This. Is how I garden. (shakes head sadly)

  2. Asparagus is the Holy Grail of vegetables for me.Partially because it's so delicious and expensive to buy, but also because the fact that I'd have home-grown asparagus means I've found somewhere to put roots down, somewhere that feels like a forever home. Well done!

  3. Oh, and re; men who like to plant shit? Farmers make me swoon; they really do. Anyone with the patience, and love of growing things. My last BF still bore a resentment towards the gardening he'd been forced to do as a kid, so he refused to have anything to do with gardening (he had his own house and yard, and a front garden his wife had planted,which he'd let go to shit). His daughter loved to garden, and she was ecstatic that her dad's GF gardened, so she and I (and his son, who was all about joining in), worked on the front and back. I showed them how to prune and how to put in bulbs, and I bought perennials for the front. We had a good time. The place is probably gone to shit again, but I'd liek to think I instilled something in the kids.