December 10, 2011

Trifecta Challenge: To Flirt

Here again is my response to Trifecta's weekly writing challenge. Under the wire at T minus 7 hours. (What does that mean, anyway?)

3rd definition of the verb, to flirt: to come close to reaching or experiencing something

The girl filled out the form and handed it in at the desk, with a small unsure smile. The receptionist, eyes hard with business, took it and placed it in a folder. She smiled curtly, the type of expression that lets you know you don't deserve what you are hoping you will receive. Who knew a youth filled with the pleasures of the flesh could lead to an inability to sustain all forms of a future?

A new life, a stable one, with a lover who saw her for who she might become, not who she was before. This is her reason to try.

This act of completing this doctor's form in raw honesty, to expose herself and her shame with fertility specialists certain to judge harshly for the life she had lived rather than the one she is living, this act is to flirt with a hope previously unknown.

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