May 13, 2011

Lost in a space

This week's prompt word for the 100 Word Challenge?  Forgetting:

Maybe I am an addict again.

Years ago, I escaped my problems using food.  Stuffing my body numbed me.  Forcing food up gave the relief I craved.

Therapy and intensive actor’s training taught me how to cuss out my anger, cry out my pain, how to laugh and play.  Such relief!

But now?  With three young children and a busy life not my own, I cannot let it out the way I used to.  My house is a mess. But when I come for a recipe and turn to a blog, I lose time, forgetting what I’m meant to do.


  1. sooooooooooo there with you - clickety-clickety-click. :)

    great job with the prompt.

  2. There is certainly some evidence that the internet can become addicting. I try to make sure I get time away from it every day.

  3. I too use blogging as my tool to escape & forget. Sometimes, well a lot lately, life seems to follow me into what comes through my fingers so in that case it's also my outlet to scream when I need to:-)