March 13, 2011

Why I love Facebook, warts and all

I really do.

Facebook is a really interesting social phenomenon.  I have lots to say about it, and about why I use it now, where a year or two ago I would have given it a miss.

But today I just want to say that it is delightful to receive birthday wishes, many, so many of them, on The Facebook.  I always have been a big birthday celebrator.  I also believe(d) that you have to be responsible (as an adult) for your birthday ... if you want the birthday wishes, you must remind your loved ones that it is your birthday, and not in the days following it, but before.

On my Facebook birthday (close enough to, but not on my day for obvious reasons), I received wishes from people I have not seen in years, from friends I only know on the Internet, from loved ones I talk to all of the time.  Each wish tells me that this person thought about me for long enough to post something, a wish, on my wall.  I tell you, it feels amazing to think of this.

Sometimes I take the time to wish people a happy birthday on FB, sometimes I have not, because I didn't want to appear insincere.  Well ... I will take the time, everytime, after yesterday, because I loved each and every wish I received, and feel positively bathed in good wishes!

Yum!  I do love a Happy Birthday!


  1. hi -

    first i just want to say that i have not been ignoring you .. i was out of town last week for spring break and i got engaged ! so i have been just overwhelmed with excitement and my blog is currently under renovation .. so i dont want to make any new posts until it looks nice again !
    i LOVE facebook .. i creep on people like its going out of style :/ lol but here's the thing .. i dont get together with my hs girlfriends and trash people .. lol and i think that makes a huge difference. i like to know what my friends from hs are doing with their lives .. whose engaged, whose getting jobs and whose still drinking 5 nights a week. most of the time it helps to make me feel better about myself too ! lol and the birthday thing is also something i adore ! who doesnt like being remembered on a special day ?!

  2. Thanks Kaitlin, creeping is also good ... as long as it isn't scary creeping, right?! Congrats on your engagement, by the way. Enjoy the excitement ... what a magical time! (Oh, and your pictures of the trip are beautiful and stunning, especially of the glass-floored tower ... wow!)