February 10, 2011

In other news ...

Just discovered that my freezer full of berries has been w/o electricity for a week ... ah, renos, how I love the chaos you bring an already chaotic existence.

Bright side:  friend took my son for 2 hours so I could clean up without distraction.  I might even manage a nap.  Plugging in the fridge in the garage if anything is salvageable and planning marathon canning session this weekend ...

Other bright side:  booked into hotel (Living Social deal I bought last fall) with family for Sunday and Monday nights.  My guy has a meeting on Vancouver Island, so ferry costs also covered.

There are always bright sides.  Somewhere on the earth, even under the clouds (which I love) the sun shines on.  My crazy life continues to be pretty awesome.  Could use some sleep, though.

1 comment:

  1. Karen! You are so sweet to comment on my posts! I greatly appreciate all the feedback you have. Do you have an email address so I can respond more freely?

    Sorry to hear about the freezer, BUT I am happy to hear that other things worked out! That is fabulous :D

    Hope you get that sleep!!!!