July 13, 2010

Hi Karie, hi Amber!

I figure, it's my little blog, I can greet whom ever I want!

I don't often drink coffee, maybe once or twice a week. Here's what I managed to whip up this morning. 

Hope your day is shaping up to be like this coffee -- interesting, smooth and unexpected (with a touch of vanilla bean thrown into the grounds for good measure).


  1. Hi! That looks delish, I would have some iced coffee today but my milk is expired (Don't ask me why it's still in the fridge - it just is!)

  2. I hate it when milk expires. It just doesn't look the same in coffee.

  3. Responding to your comment: Funny you should mention Cheryl's blog, we used to be great friends, we met online in 2006 and she even came to visit me in Seattle but this past Jan it all stopped. I was about to give birth and Doc came home with his injury and I was less available to my friends. I guess at the same time she was having a really hard time and took my not being around as me not caring and not being there for her. We no longer talk, I actually blogged about it in April, http://randomarmywife.blogspot.com/2010/04/end.html